X Series CPL 72mm


Our “X”Series Filters—Does what software can’t do!

Highest Quality and Value filters 

• 16 Layers of Multicoating provides up to 99% light transmission. 
​• All metal slim rings, will not vignette on wide angle lenses
• Double threaded to accept other filters or accessories

GTX Filters-X Series Multicoated-CPL 

Our Circular Polarizer Filters reduce
unwanted reflections in reflective surfaces such as chrome and glass and deepen color
and contrast, especially in skys. Ultra thin ring. 

A polarizing filter is designed to eliminate unwanted reflections. Today, most cameras which use an autofocus system are not compatible with inear olarizers, and thus Circular Polarizers were developed.

Circular polarizers, also referred to as circular polarizing filters, or CPL, can be used to create circularly polarized light or alternatively to selectively absorb or pass clockwise and counter-clockwise circularly polarized light. They are used as polarizing filters in photography to reduce oblique reflections from non-metallic surfaces.

The effect of a CPL filter is easy to see. Once the filter is mounted on the lens, simply look through the viewfinder and turn the front edge of the filter. Depending upon the angles, reflections off glass, water, and other shiny objects can be dramatically reduced or eliminated altogether.

The effect can also be seen on blue skys, especially with white clouds. The polarizer can effectively darken the sky and make the clouds appear brighter.

The effect of any polarizer is dependent upon the angle of reflectance. If the effect is inimal, try shifting the camera to a position about 45 degrees toward the reflectant subject.

Our CPL filters have 16 layers of multicoating to prevent unwanted reflection and provide greater light transmittance.

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  • Model: GF-X/CPL72
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  • Manufactured by: GTX Filters

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